Five convicted for murder of 19-year-old Sean McHugh

The five teenagers convicted today

Five teenagers have been convicted at Liverpool Crown Court for the murder of 19-year-old Sean McHugh in Anfield on 30 September last year.

Those convicted are:

19-year-old, Reese O’Shaughnessy

15-year-old, Andrew Hewitt

14-year-old, Corey Hewitt

14-year-old, Joseph McGill

14-year-old, Keyfer Dykstra

Sean McHugh Credit: Merseyside Police

Sean McHugh was stabbed to death by the group as he was doing his washing in a local launderette.

In the hours after, a number of the defendants used social media to brag about the attack and Sean’s probable death.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy O'Connor said: "The suffering Sean endured before his death and the pain and heartbreak inflicted on his family can never be taken back.

But I hope that the convictions of these young men brings Sean's family a sense of closure and justice, and sends out a clear message that violence such a this is not tolerated by Merseyside Police, nor the communities we serve."