Police search land in Bispham for the body of Paige Chivers

Paige Chivers

Police investigating the murder of Blackpool teenager Paige Chivers are searching an area of land in Bispham. It follows new information given to officers about the possible location of her body.

Paige disappeared in 2007 aged 15. It is now believed she was murdered. The new search follows a fresh appeal for information and offer of a £30,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of Paige’s murderer or murderers and/or the recovery of her body.

The search area is focussed an overgrown patch of land off All Hallows Road behind All Hallows Church.

This area has been secured and a cordon placed around the area to be searched and this is likely to be in place for a number of days, however the search is likely to have minimal impact on the local community.

Paige's family are aware of this development and are being kept fully informed. Last week crime scene investigators and forensic scientists searched a flat in Bispham as part of the inquiry. While nothing immediately significant was recovered forensic tests are ongoing.

Detective Superintendent Webster said: "While we are keeping an open mind about what we may find, if anything, at this site we do believe the information we have received is genuine and we are treating it seriously.

We are taking a graduated approach to the search and we will first clear the area and assess it to see what the best approach is to searching further.

If someone does have information, but is reluctant to come forward due to fears arising either from their own involvement in criminality or they may have played

minor role in assisting Paige’s killer or killers, I would still ask them to come forward and

speak to us.

Our primary objective remains to identify Paige’s killer or killers and recovery

her body so her family can lay her to rest. We are also keen to tie down Paige’s movements around the Bank Holiday weekend in August 2007 and would ask anyone with information about that, however small, to contact us.”