Stuart Hall on trial on sex assault charges

Former BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall is due in court today where he faces 20 historical sex assault charges against him.

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Alleged Hall victim questioned about "recurring dream"

Stuart Hall's barrister has asked a woman, who accuses the former star of raping her as a child, whether she was in a "sexual relationship" with him.

Hall's lawyer asked the alleged victim, known as Girl B, whether she began having sex with him at age 15 rather than being raped at age 12.

Girl B responded that it was not a consensual relationship and that the alleged attacks began at the time she originally stated.

The lawyer then questioned her about a police interview where she said she remembered what happened because it was in a "recurring dream".

Girl B said it was a "memory" that appeared in a nightmare.

"It's a recurrent dream of the memory I have. I've had it many, many times. I said that it happened. I'm telling you the truth... It doesn't mean I dreamt it up".

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