Stuart Hall on trial on sex assault charges

Former BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall is due in court today where he faces 20 historical sex assault charges against him.

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More evidence from Girl B at Stuart Hall's trial

A woman, known as Girl B, has told a court she had been in therapy after allegedly being raped by Stuart Hall as a child.

Jurors at Preston Crown Court heard her say that she found it "very hard to trust anybody".

Hall's barrister asked if she regretted her "relationship" with the former broadcaster as a "mistake".

Girl B said: "It was not my mistake to make. I was a child. I had no choice."

Later, she was cross-examined over a "clipping" of her hair that Hall was said to have taken as a "memento", and about the dates that the alleged assaults took place.

Girl B said she felt "physically sick" and asked for a break in the proceedings.

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