Stuart Hall on trial on sex assault charges

Former BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall is due in court today where he faces 20 historical sex assault charges against him.

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"No thoughts of compensation", alleged victim tells Hall jury.

A woman who claims Stuart Hall raped her as a child, has told jurors she spent an "extraordinary amount" of her life keeping it hidden.

The alleged victim, known as Girl B, is the second to give evidence in the former broadcaster's rape trial.

She told Preston Crown Court that "ensuring this remained unknown... was the right thing to do".

Hall's defence lawyer then asked: "Is it your intention to claim compensation?"

"I have given absolutely no thought to making a claim," she responded.

"You're not ruling it out, are you?" said the barrister.

"I find it very insulting to be asked that question...I find it very, very hurtful."

Hall, who is serving 30 months in prison for a number of other child sex crimes, denies the charges.

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