Bury mum-to-be died just weeks before she was due to give birth to first child

Heartbroken husband Scott Williams speaks of losing his wife and unborn child.

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Bury man's grief after wife dies of brain tumour

Scott and Vicky Williams. Credit: Manchester Evening News

A heartbroken husband has spoken of his grief after his wife died just weeks before giving birth to their first child.

Vicky Williams, 34, had been fine throughout her pregnancy and was looking forward to her due date on May 3.

But, after kissing her goodbye and going to work, husband Scott returned to find her dead at the couple’s home in Bury.

It was later revealed she had died from a brain tumour.

Scott and Vicky Williams on their wedding day. Credit: Manchester Evening News

Scott said: “She had a couple of migraines before she was pregnant but that was all - there were no signs at all that anything was wrong.

“We were at a christening two weeks before she died and she looked really well.”

The couple, who married in Rhodes in 2012, had been house hunting and the week before Vicky died had made an offer on a house in Rochdale.

On the day of her death, Scott sent Vicky - a business analyst at British Gas in Old Trafford - an email at work saying the sellers had accepted their offer, but she never got to see it.

Vicky Williams died just weeks before giving birth to her first child. Credit: Manchester Evening News

Scott, also 34, said: “On the day it happened she was going to do a bit of a later shift as she was getting more tired as the pregnancy went on. I left early so I spoke to her, gave her a kiss, said ‘I love you’ and went to work.

Vicky Williams suffered a brain tumour.

“I sent her the email but when I didn’t hear back I just thought she was busy - she was always so professional about work.

“When I got home it was strange because the dogs would usually be so giddy but they were just standing at the back so quiet.

“I went upstairs and that’s when I found her. It was too late - I just knew.”

Scott is planning to raise funds for the Brain Tumour Charity in his wife's memory. Credit: Manchester Evening News

Scott is now planning a Manchester to Blackpool bike ride in honour of Vicky and to raise money for the Brain Tumour Charity.

Around 40 people have already signed up to the ride on July 13 and Scott has raised almost £4,000 towards his £10,000 target.

Click here to find out more about Scott's fundraising.

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