Family cat dies in fire sparked by e-cigarette

A family’s pet cat died in a house fire sparked by an e-cigarette the Manchester Evening News are reporting.

The nicotine vaporiser had been left plugged in upstairs at the home in Leigh when the woman living there heard a bang.

When she went to investigate the noise she discovered a blaze had broken out in the bedroom, which spread to the loft. She escaped unhurt with her partner and three children, aged 13, nine and four - but their cat was not so lucky.

The family had a lucky escape with discovering the fire when they did, although their house is damaged and they have lost their pet.

“Please can we remind people to take extra care when it comes to electrical items, not leaving them plugged in too long and making sure wires, plugs and chargers are in good working order.”

– David Acton, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority