Drink drive arrests up during England's first World Cup game

Inspector Matt Bailey-Smith

Police have revealed they arrested 264 people across Greater Manchester during their summer drink drive operation. The busiest night for arrests was Saturday 14 June, the night of England’s first fixture. Of those arrested 63 blew positive following a crash.

More than 6,000 motorists were breathalysed as part of the month-long crackdown. 4.3 per cent were over the limit compared with 5.1 per cent last year.

It was part of a crackdown campaign in partnership with emergency services and Drivesafe at the to coincide with the World Cup. A car wreckage from a drink drive crash was put on display outside Manchester Town Hall and posters encouraging abstinence rather than restraint were put up in pubs.

As part of the operation, patrols were increased to specifically target people drink driving and officers breathalysed 1,100 more motorists than last year, paying a particular focus on the nights England played and the morning after.

Inspector Matt Bailey-Smith, coordinator of this year’s drink drive operation said: “Any reduction is positive and it’s great to see people heeding our ‘None for the Road’ message but 264 is still 264 too many.

“The World Cup and warm weather do not give people an excuse to drink drive and although our operation may be over, drink driving continues to be a priority and remains firmly on our agenda.”