Crack down on Post Office crime

Crack down on Post Office crime Credit: PA

A campaign is being launched in Liverpool to stop post office robberies.

Charity Crimestoppers and the Post Office Limited are partnering to tackle crimes committed in the city against post office branches. Liverpool and Manchester were named hot spot areas.

The ‘Stamping Out Crime’ campaign will use posters and tools such as social media to encourage members of the public to share crucial information that could see those who have committed offences against Post Office brought to justice.

Crimestoppers is also offering a reward of up to £25,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction for an offence committed against Post Office (in branch) that is passed through the charity’s 0800 555 111 number.

Inspector Joanne Preston, Merseyside Police, said:

"Business robberies are not victimless crimes. Post Offices provide a vital service to their community and are often run by local people themselves. Being targeted by armed robberies can be an incredibly harrowing experience for staff and customers alike.

So it is in everyone's interests to do all we can to make life as tough as possible for these criminals."

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