Man dies after smoking 'legal high' in Manchester

Police are investigating the death of a man who became seriously unwell moments after smoking herbal incense in Manchester .

He was taken to hospital on 19 July and died on 25 July.

Detectives know the man smoked “Eclipse” - which is marketed as herbal incense and described on the internet as herbal ecstasy - just prior to collapsing and suffering a heart attack.

Detective Sergeant Mark Astbury, said:

While the circumstances surrounding the man’s death are very much ongoing, we know for certain he became very unwell soon after smoking the incense and are working with the coroner to establish the full circumstances.

“Eclipse and other such herbal incense, while often marketed as not for human consumption/inhalation are surreptitiously sold by retailers and frequently consumed by users as so called “legal highs”.

“Faced with what we know we feel it is important to send out what will appear to most to be extremely obvious safety message. Put simply, do not smoke herbal incense. It is not for direct inhalation and you do not know what effect it will have on your wellbeing.

– Detective Sergeant Mark Astbury, GMP