Baby delight for stolen Blackpool monkey

A critically endangered monkey that was stolen along with her baby from Blackpool Zoo earlier this year has given birth to twins.

Cotton-top Tamarin with two babies Credit: Blackpool Zoo

The Cotton-top Tamarin, who is called Mamma, was one of five monkeys that were taken, following a break-in at the end of April. While four of the monkeys were returned to Blackpool Zoo, her baby was never found.

Mamma gave birth to the twins on Friday 1st August and keepers have confirmed that she must have been in the early stages of pregnancy when the theft occurred.

Two female and one baby Cotton-top Tamarins, which are a critically endangered species, and two male Emperor Tamarins were stolen Credit: Lancashire Police

Charlotte Pennie, Senior Primate Keeper at Blackpool Zoo, said: “Keepers at Blackpool Zoo were devastated earlier this year when five of our monkeys were stolen, as every single animal we have here is considered a member of our zoo family.

“The two new babies, who are yet to be sexed and named, are doing extremely well and we are delighted for Mamma.

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