Steve's 50 hour 'locked in' challenge aims to raise awareness of autism

Steve is raising awareness of Autism. Credit: ITV News.

Steve Young has put his life on hold in order to raise awareness of autism and the work that the national charity Caudwell Children.

Steve's spending 50 hours in living inside a 3 x 2 metre glass box located in the foyer of a Tesco store.

He's determined to bring the disability to the attention of the general public and says living 'locked in' the box is the perfect metaphor for the condition.

And it’s the work of the charity Caudwell Children, says Steve, that has inspired him to put himself in self-imposed confinement.

Steve was inspired by the charity Caudwell Children. Credit: Caudwell Children

“If my time being ‘Locked in for Autism’ helps people to understand the needs of autistic children, then it will all be worthwhile.”

– Steve Young