Dozens of hate crimes reported to transport police

Credit: PA Images

British transport police have launched an campaign against hate crimes on their services. 76 were recorded on the rail network in the North West since January.

Officers will be at key stations across the region talking to passengers, rail staff and members of the public about the #WeStandTogether campaign, an initiative designed to stamp out hate crime and hate incidents on public transport. They will also be talking about they tackle hate crime and support victims, and will be providing practical advice on what you should do if you are a victim or a witness.

Hate crimes recorded by BTP since Jan:

  • Manchester 39
  • Liverpool 19
  • Preston 7
  • Crewe 6
  • Wigan 4
  • Lancaster 1

“Any victimisation or intolerance that is driven by hatred will have a significant and often much greater emotional and psychological impact on those involved, but offences that are motivated by hate and prejudice also have the wider potential to divide communities. Particularly after the recent horrific events in Manchester and London, now more than ever, we need to stand together to address hatred and extremism.

“If you are a victim of hate crime, or if you witness an incident that makes you feel uncomfortable, please do not suffer in silence – report it to us and we will do everything we can to help.”

– Inspector Granville Sellers