Firecrews attacked in Salford and Trafford

Damage to the fire engine in the attack in Salford Credit: Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

An investigation is underway after firefighters attending a bonfire in Salford were attacked by youths.

The incident happened at Edgehill Close, Salford after they attended reports of an out of control bonfire.

They had been to the same address a number of times previously following calls from neighbours who were concerned about the size of the fire, which was around twelve feet high.

There was no adult supervising the bonfire and as firefighters attempted to control the flames they came under attack from a large group of youths who threw what were believed to be glass bottles at the crews.

There were no injuries but the fire engine was damaged.

In a separate incident crews were also attacked on Cornbrook Park Road in Trafford by a group of approximately 20 youths who began throwing fireworks at them.

The Greater Manchester received 180 calls and attended 132 incidents between 4 pm on Saturday and 8 am on Sunday.