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Amir Khan comes face-to-face with Alvarez before the big fight

Amir Khan has come face-to-face with his next opponent Canelo Alvarez in Las Vegas.

Khan has gone up two weight divisions to fight Alvarez, who's regarded as the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world.

But both men have been critical of Donald Trump, whose views on Muslims and Mexicans are dividing American politics.

Chris Hall reports.


Former police officer questions Hillsborough verdicts

At the end of a week where the Hillsborough families feel they've made huge strides in their search for truth and justice, evidence today of what they've been fighting, for more than a quarter of a century.

A former police officer on duty at the disaster has questioned Tuesday's inquests verdicts of unlawfull killing.

David Sumner, who was a South Yorkshire chief inspector, says Liverpool fans must bear some responsibility for what happened. His comments, totally against the jury's findings, have angered the bereaved.

Third man dies after smash in Manchester

The scene in Wilbraham Road Credit: GTV

A third man has died after a car crash in Manchester. Police officers observed an Audi driving at high speeds in the early hours of Wednesday before it smashed into two parked cars on Wilbraham Road, outside Whalley Range High School. Two men were pronounced dead at the scene, and a third died earlier today.


Men questioned on suspicion of cyber crime in Southport

Police say the arrests are a significant step forward Credit: PA

Officers from the Titan serious organised crime unit for the North West are questioning two men on suspicion of cyber crime. They were arrested after raids in Southport last night as part of an operation supported by the FBI and the National Crime Agency. The criminal investigation centres on the alleged supplying of software used by computer hackers. Two men, both aged 21, were detained shortly after 7.30 last night and are being questioned at police stations in the region.

These arrests are a significant step forward in our relentless fight against cyber-crime which is a type of criminality that really does affect us all. Not everyone will understand yet what cyber-crime is or how it impacts on normal people but it is an increasing threat to anyone who uses the Internet and organised crime groups often sit behind it.

Cyber criminals who hack into your computer or that of your business or your bank account or your social network can do so from anywhere in the world. So it is vital that law enforcement agencies in different countries work together by sharing intelligence about potential offenders and pool resources and expertise to tackle this common goal.

That is why Titan is grateful for the assistance of the NCA here in the UK, the FBI in the United States, Europol and specialist companies from the private sector in supporting this investigation. It demonstrates just how well we work together to combat a global threat .

There is still much for the police to do in terms of raising awareness of cyber-crime amongst the general public and educate people on what basic steps they can take to protect themselves, their families and their personal or financial information online.

The most crucial ones are ensuring you have the best and latest anti-virus software on your computer and that you always update your computer’s software when it prompts you to. These are your first lines of defence and can prevent you from falling victim to cyber-crime.

– Detective Superintendent Jason Hudson, head of operations at Titan
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