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Drinking coffee 'may protect against MS'

Drinking coffee may protect against multiple sclerosis (MS), according to a new study.

Scientists attribute the effect to caffeine, which has already been linked to a reduced risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

Scientists attribute the effect to the caffeine in coffee. Credit: Edward Smith/EMPICS Entertainment

Researchers analysed data from two Swedish and US studies that compared a total of 2,788 people with MS and almost 4,000 healthy individuals.

Both studies found that participants who did not drink coffee were about one-and-a-half times more likely to develop MS than those who drank several cups a day.

"Caffeine should be studied for its impact on relapses and long-term disability in MS as well," lead researcher Dr Ellen Mowry, from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore said.

Savile victim 'betrayed' by 'whitewash' abuse report

One of the 60 victims of Jimmy Savile at Stoke Mandeville Hospital has said she feels "let down and betrayed" by a report into his behaviour.

She was being treated for skin cancer at the Buckinghamshire hospital in 1977, when she was sexually abused by the former entertainer.

Victim 21, also known as Abigail, was being treated for skin cancer when she was attacked Credit: PA

Speaking under the name Abigail, the woman, known as Victim 21 in the report, said the document had left out key bits of her story.

I feel nothing but let down and betrayed by the report.

Parts of my evidence have been omitted. I told the inquiry that when I reported the abuse straight away to the junior nurse who was treating me that she believed me and fetched Sister Cherry who was the sister in charge of the whole children's ward.

My father had a huge row with her and then reported it to senior management - not middle management. How they can say that those in authority did not know is inconceivable. The report is nothing but a whitewash.

– Victim 21

The report states that Victim 21 was ignored by a ward sister who found her "hysterical and crying" after the attack, telling her to be quiet as Savile would not do such a dreadful thing.

It added that her father took the matter to a registrar, but did not pursue it because of her ill health.


Savile's estate to cover £40m compensation claims

£40 million from Jimmy Savile's estate and his charities will be put into a fund for compensation claims made by the entertainer's victims, the health secretary has announced.

Jimmy Savile's remaining £40 million estate will be used to cover compensation claims. Credit: PA

Speaking in the House of Commons, Jeremy Hunt said: "The value in the estate and in his charities is still £40 million, remaining under management in his charities.

He said all of this would be made available, while any extra money required would be covered by the government.

"I can confirm that any counselling the victims need will be made available to them by the NHS," he added.

Hunt promises 'swift' NHS action after Savile report

Jeremy Hunt says he will ensure "swift action" is taken in the NHS to prevent future abuses of patients akin to those carried out by Jimmy Savile.

The Health Secretary said he accepted in principal recommendations of Kate Lampard's report into the lessons learned by the Savile case.

Those included new rules on access, volunteering, safeguarding patients, dealing with complaints and governance.

He said NHS Trusts should develop policies on dealing with celebrity visitors, as was also recommended in the report.

However, he said he would not accept the recommendation that all volunteers should be made to go through enhanced checks, saying the report stated that this "may not in itself have stopped Savile".

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