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Second US nurse Amber Vinson declared Ebola free

US nurse Amber Vinson has followed her colleague Nina Pham in being declared free of the Ebola virus, after the pair contracted the disease while treating a dying patient at their Dallas hospital.

Amber Vinson, 29, was the second nurse to contract the Ebola virus at her Dallas hospital. Credit: Akron Public Schools/NBC News

Ms Vinson's status was confirmed by the Atlanta medical centre where she had been receiving treatment after a transfer from a Texas hospital.

Vinson's fellow nurse Pham was earlier declared virus free after receiving treatment in Maryland.

Human safety trials sped up to get out Ebola vaccines

Drugmakers have pledged to work together to speed up Ebola safety trials in human volunteers in a bid to produce an estimated 200,000 doses of experimental vaccines by the middle of 2015.

Two leading vaccine candidates, from GlaxoSmithKline and NewLink Genetics, are in human clinical trials while another five experimental vaccines are set to begin clinical trials next year.

A researcher holds a package of an experimental candidate vaccine against the Ebola virus at the University hospital in Geneva. Credit: Reuters/Mathilde Missioneiro/WHO

High risk groups, including frontline health workers in West Africa, are front of the queue to receive the vaccines by early next year.

"Vaccines are not a magic bullet, but when ready they may be a good part of the effort to turn the tide against the epidemic," the WHO's Marie-Paule Kieny said after a meeting of industry executives, global health experts, drug regulators and funders in Geneva.


Resources pour in, but the cost of fighting Ebola is huge

While money and resources continue to pour into the areas worst affected by the Ebola outbreak, the costs of fighting the disease remain huge.

Hussein Ibrahim from the International Medical Corps said it cost around £800,000 to run one clinic in the capital of Sierra Leone, Freetown.

Mr Ibrahim also said running a 100-bed facility needed 250 staff so the IMC needs volunteers as well as money.

ITV News Correspondent Dan Rivers reports from Sierra Leone.

Millions of Ebola vaccines 'ready by end of 2015'

Millions of doses of an Ebola vaccine will be ready by the end of 2015, World Health Organisation (WHO) has said.

The organisation said "money will not be an issue" when developing and distributing vaccines against the deadly virus.

Potential manufacturers have committed to ensuring vaccines are sold at affordable prices, a WHO official added.

Two million Brits 'at risk of winter blues'

An estimated two million people are at risk of the winter blues after the clocks go back an hour this Sunday, Good Morning Britain's health expert has warned.

Dr Hilary Jones said 20% of Brits were at risk of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with women three times more likely to suffer winter blues or even depression over the coming months.

"Some people do need treatment and some hospitalisation as well," the GP said.

Symptoms of SAD include feeling down or less engaged in everyday activities, a loss of libido and overeating, amongst others.

January, February and March are the worst months for SAD sufferers, but some can start to feel down as early as September.

US President 'thoughts and prayers with Ebola patient'

US President Barack Obama Credit: PA Wire

President Barack Obama has spoken with the New York Governor and New York Mayor following news that a doctor has become the first patient in the city to test positive for Ebola.

The President said his "thoughts and prayers" are with the patient and asked to be kept up to date on the case, the White House said.

He also offered extra support to the city should it be needed "to provide the highest standard of patient care, maintain the strictest safety protocols for healthcare workers, and to identify and, as necessary, monitor any contacts of the patient potentially at risk of exposure."

The White House said the president noted the extensive preparations New York City and Bellevue Hospital, where the patient is being treated, had made to prepare for cases of the virus.

They also discussed the deployment of officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who will be deploying further teams in the city.

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