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Occupy vows to continue protest

Occupy Protesters holding banner near Parliament Square Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Protesters who spent the night near Parliament Square today said they planned to remain outside the Supreme Court until Sunday evening. Around 30 protesters from the Occupy London group slept on land outside the Supreme Court building, which overlooks Parliament Square, after the square itself was fenced off. Around 45 demonstrators were still in the area this afternoon, displaying banners and placards.

Protesters who started their protest on Friday plan to stay until Sunday evening Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Canning Green, a grassy area near the court, has also been closed off by police. Protesters said that they were demonstrating against the bedroom tax and the privatisation of the NHS.

Protesters outside the Supreme Court Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

We didn't vote for the privatisation of the NHS. We didn't vote for TTIP (Transatlantic trade investment partnership). We didn't vote for fracking. But all these things are happening. We all came together and we decided that there's a democratic deficit. People don't know these things so we have to keep educating them. Unfortunately the narrative is becoming more about the right to protest."

– Raymond Obedencio, Occupy Protester
Protesters from the Occupy group hold a demonstration outside the Supreme Court in London Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Our role here is very simply to facilitate peaceful protest. There will be a policing presence for as long as the protest takes place. In response to concerns from protesters about tarpaulins and cardboard being removed. The Police Social Responsibility Act prohibits the use of anything for sleeping."

– Superintendent Andy Walker, Metropolitan Police

Glass bottle and stiletto shatters glass of Tower Bridge walkway

The walkway is 42 metres above the Thames Credit: @the1gordo

New rules could be introduced at Tower Bridge after a bottle was dropped causing the top layer in the glass walkway to shatter.

The walkway opened to the public for the first time two weeks ago with the manager saying he was "gutted" about it smashing but emphasised the public was never at any risk.

The dizzying walkway allows you to see the river Thames more than 40 meters beneath your feet.

The glass was smashed last night after a bottle was dropped followed by a woman wearing stilettos standing on the crack.

But there are a further five layers of glass underneath.

"We are gutted it's happened in the first couple of weeks when it's been open to the public but it's completely safe.

"We should have said no glass on the glass section of the floor. It was a bit shortsighted of us."

– Chris Earlie, Head of Tower Bridge

The pane has been covered in a mat until it is fixed tomorrow night.

"The floor has five layers of glass with this sacrificial layer on top - it's there so we can replace it if it gets scratched.

"We are still open to the public and if we had any concerns we would have closed."

– Chris Earlie, Head of Tower Bridge


Man charged with 'body car' murder due in court

Deptford Wharf, where the man was seen trying to dump a body in the river Credit: Google Street View

A man is due in court today charged with murder after a body was found in a car.

Police were called to Deptford Wharf at around 3am on Friday morning to reports of a man trying to dump a body in the Thames.

The man was later stopped in his car on Evelyn Street, about half a mile from the water.

Colin McSweeny, 58, of Thornton Heath, south east London, is now accused of killing 24-year-old Shaun McSweeny.

The body of Shaun McSweeney, who had head injuries, was found in the car.

Officers believe the victim was killed at an address in Thornton Heath in Croydon.

A woman was also arrested at an address in Thornton Heath yesterday. Detectives are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.

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Hotel guest describes 'chaos' during gas explosion

Hotel guests have spoken about last night's gas explosion at London's Hyatt Regency Hotel in Portman Square, describing the atmosphere immediately following the blast.

The scene at the Churchill Hyatt Regency hotel in Portman Square, central London Credit: Olivia Rudgard /PA Wire

Raymund Reyes, 40, said it was 'chaos' on the street outside the hotel as some guests waited in the cold for an hour and a half waiting to find out what was happening.

Mr Reyes said at first he thought the explosion was a drill but realised it was more serious when he left his room. He said: "The floor shook and there was a loud explosion simultaneously. The power went out, it was pitch dark. I go into the hallway and it was pitch black - no lights, nothing."

Stewart Dyer, 40, who was staying at the hotel with his wife and nine-month-old daughter, added: "It was scary because we couldn't get the security lock off the door in the dark, and hence we couldn't get the door open. Someone thankfully heard us and gave the door a push and we were able to get out."

Knightsbridge balcony collapse victims named

Police and ambulance crews attend the scene at Cadagon Square, west London Credit: ITV News

Two men who died after they fell from a balcony at Cadogan Square in west London have been named by police.

22 year-old Tomasz Procko and 29 year-old Karol Szymansk had been delivering sofas to the Knightsbridge property on Friday morning when the balcony collapsed.

Mr Procko from Greenford, west London, died at the scene while Mr Szymanski from Wembley, north-west London, died later in hospital.

Both men were originally from Poland. Their next of kin had been informed.

Eight other people were treated for injuries, the London Ambulance Service said.

Cordon at the Cadogon Square after the incident Credit: ITV News


Tessa Jowell statement

The Mayor of London has the power to make a profound and lasting difference to the lives of millions of Londoners, and I've made no secret that I've been preparing my plan. But my fervent belief is that London’s best hope for a better future is a Labour Government, so all of my campaigning energy is directed towards helping our Labour candidates in marginal seats win in 2015.

Applications to be Labour’s candidate for Mayor of London don’t open until after the election, so that is the appropriate time for a formal declaration. I’m standing down as MP for Dulwich and West Norwood so that I can fully prepare for meeting that challenge, and I intend to bring a plan for London that will be bold, ambitious, and will meet the aspirations of all Londoners

– Dame Tessa Jowell, Dulwich and West Norwood MP

Tessa Jowell plans to stand for London Mayor

Dame Jessa Jowell plans to stand for Mayor of London Credit: Reuters

The former Olympics Minister Dame Tessa Jowell has said she is planning to stand for Mayor of London at the election in 2016. The Dulwich and West Norwood MP has already announced she will be quitting the House of Commons at the next General Election.

11 year old missing from Islington

Mohamed Farah, last seen by his family when he left for school on Friday morning Credit: Met Police

Police in Islington are appealing for the public's help in locating a missing boy.

11 year old Mohamed Farah was last seen by his family when he left for school on Friday morning. He was expected to come home after playing football after school, but did not return.

This is very out of character for Mohamed and officers are concerned for his safety and wellbeing.

Mohamed is Somali; approx. 5ft 4ins tall with a slim build and short black hair.

He was last seen wearing his school Central Foundation Boys' School uniform - black trousers and black blazer with the red school badge on it and a red and black striped tie and is likely to have a red Nike rucksack and black NYC rucksack.

Any one who has seen Mohamed or who knows of his whereabouts are asked to call police via 101.

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