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Track worker 'saved the day' after loose concrete delayed trains

Disaster was averted this morning because a track worker saved the day. Today’s incident shows yet again that the Underground needs more patrols and more staff. RMT opposes plans to replace skilled workers with unreliable automation in all areas of its work, including train maintenance

– Mick Cash, RMT



Your views: Is £10 a fair price to pay to watch London's New Year fireworks?

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Simon Shaw That is greed. Pure & simple.

Paula Ann Meenan They will be in the sky, so if you live there will you be banned from looking out your window?

Paul Freedman So will they have barriers round all the area where the fireworks are to stop people that haven't paid from getting in? And if they haven't paid will they be banned from looking upwards?

Tears Carpenter Not sure how this will work. Any body with any sense will just look up at the sky and watch it without paying £10 or find a good place to watch it for free unless the fire works are not going up in the sky anymore?

Mark Foster I'm pretty sure you will be able to see them spectacularly from The South Bank and Hungerford bridge... for free.

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