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Foreign Secretary: IS videos distressing for families

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond says he has not seen a new IS video which appears to show a British hostage who was kidnapped in Syria in 2012.

Mr Hammond says such videos "can be very distressing for the families of the individuals involved" and the British government is doing everything it can to help British hostages and their relatives.


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British hostage appears in orange in new IS video

The British hostage who appears in a new Islamic State (IS) video is wearing an orange jumpsuit and reads from a script which criticises the UK and US governments as well as western media.

The captive says he is a prisoner but ITV News is unable to determine the circumstances or threats he may have been under during the filming.

The Briton reads a transcript saying he has been "abandoned by the UK government" and says his fate lies with IS.

He is seen saying "maybe I will live or maybe I will die" but adds that he wants to "take the opportunity to convey some facts."

He claims he will use subsequent videos to highlight "the truth" about the systems and motivations of IS and why the UK and US are "so keen to get involved in another unwinnable conflict".

ITV News cannot verify when or where the video was made.

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