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Tube workers offered £850 Olympic pay

Ten thousand tube workers are in line for an £850 Olympic bonus as part of the latest offer to "buy" their co-operation. London Underground has already struck a deal which gives 3,400 drivers up to £1,000 for working during the Olympics and paralympics. Now unions and managers are negotiating a separate agreement for station staff and maintenance workers. For every shift worked, up to a maxium of 20 days, staff would get £20. On top of that they could be entitled to a £100 Customer Service Satisfaction Bonus. An additional payment of £350 woud be made if they agree to flexible rostering during the games. Full details of the deal are below:

  • A payment of £20 per shift during the Games weeks. For those working the most amount of shifts, this could equate to £400.
  • £100 Customer Service Satisfaction bonus if scores met during Games-time, or in weeks running up to it for maintenance staff
  • A payment of £350 for all maintenance, stations, service control staff and operational managers in recognition of working more flexibly ie working beyond usual hours, extra hours, earlier or later starting shifts, working in different ways.
  • For train ops the first two apply, and the third is a one-off payment of £500, rather than £350, in recognition of working more flexibly.

London Underground's Chief Operating Office said:

"We have had productive discussions with the unions this week and put forward our proposals about how we can fairly reward staff. We have put forward an offer which would see station, maintenance, service control staff and operational managers receive up to £850 for working flexibly during the 2012 London Games, subject to attendance, customer satisfaction scores and agreement from operational staff to work flexibly in order to deliver a successful Games"

– Howard Collins, LU's Chief Operating Officer

VIDEO BELOW:Boris Johnson also defended the extra payment, citing extra duties and stress as reasons behind the idea:

Unite are considering LU's offer and a decisions is expected next week, in a press release one of their regional officers said:

London Underground and Unite have been discussing how we deal with the challenges presented by the Olympics for many months. There will be a great deal of additional work necessary to prepare for the Games, to deliver it and to restore things to normal after the Games. We now have something on the table which our members can seriously consider as recognition for their effort and dedication in delivering a successful Games."

– John Morgan-Evans, Unite Regional Officer

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