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Riot killing teenager: Court hears evidence

Richard Mannington Bowes Photo: Police

A judge has lifted a ban on naming the teenager who has admitted manslaughter following the death of pensioner Richard Mannington Bowes during riots in Ealing. He is Darrell Adrian Desuze who was 16 at time of offence but is now 17.

Court told Darrell Desuze was alerted to disturbances by blackberry messenger.

He travelled to Ealing by train.and ironically was wearing a a black sweatshirt with the words "Robbers and Villains".

Prosecution said he punched the 68-year-old victim with a 'deliberate and deadly' blow, putting all his weight behind it.

Mr Mannington Bowes who fell to the ground and hit his head on pavement was knocked unconscious and was bleeding from his ear.

Police were unable to get to Mr Bowes immediately. the victim never regained conciousness and died three days later in hospital.

Desuze walked off but soon returned to the victim, moving him from the road onto the pavement.

The prosecution said it was not an act of compassion as Desuze immediately went off with others to loot four businesses which were a William Hill bookmakers, a Fat Boys Thai restaurant, a Blockbuster store and a Tesco Express.

Desuze was sitting in dock listening intently to details. Occasionally looking over at the press bench.

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