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Millionaire's daughter "was not" forced to take part in riots

Laura Johnson outside court. Photo: ITN

A millionaire's daughter voluntarily drove looters through London on a late-night crime spree at the height of last summer's riots, a court heard today.

According to one of her passenges, 20 year-old Laura Johnson offered no resistance when asked to chauffeur the group through the capital as they ransacked shops.

The 17-year-old, who is standing trial alongside her at Inner London Crown Court told jurors he never once heard Johnson complaining as they cruised around the capital on August 8th last year. The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons said he did not see anyone in the car threaten Johnson or act aggressively towards her.

Asked if he would have intervened if Johnson had been forced to drive, he replied: "There was no need to".

The 17 year old from Catford has admitted one count of burglary and denies two further counts of burglary or handling stolen goods.

Laura Johnson denies three counts of burglary and three alternative counts of handling stolen goods.

The trial continues.