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Government "discussed" third runway plan at Heathrow

A jet takes off at Heathrow. Photo: PA

The Government is reported to have discussed the plan to build a third runway at Heathrow Airport. The controversial idea has long been backed by London's business community who say that Heathrow's status as a leading hub airport is under threat unless there is more room for planes to land there. They believe that international firms may prefer to operate in other European cities like Amsterdam which have more runways.

However, environmental campaigners have argued that more planes will mean more carbon emissions and local residents will not want to have more planes flying over their houses.

The idea was backed by the last Labour Government before being shelved by David Cameron in 2010. But according to reports in this morning's newspapers, the Chancellor George Osborne has proposed pushing ahead with the scheme. But getting it through would mean convincing the Liberal Democrats as well as several Conservative MPs who are against the idea. A spokesman for the Treasury played down the reports but did not deny that Heathrow expansion was a possibility.