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Lovely early spring day in the capital. Bit fresh, but lovely nonetheless. Just the sort of day to sit outside enjoying a quick drink with friends. But as I'm at work (and those days in journalism are long gone), I've had to be content with a wander over to the cafe across the road for a sandwich. I bumped into two Met police officers doing the same thing (I had a tuna-Mexican panini, they both had chili chicken). I always feel a bit strange about engaging police officers in unsolicited conversation. I imagine they're a) far too busy and important for chit-chat and b) likely to frogmarch me over to my car which I think may have at least one borderline tyre and might be illegally parked.

Undeterred, I did that raised eybrow acknowledgement thing and asked how their day was so far. Both flinched as though I'd just stood at the entrance of the Globe Theatre shouting 'Macbeth' at the top of my voice.

"It's quiet, at the moment," said one.

"Don't say the 'q' word!" chastised the other. "You'll jinx it."

It turns out the sunshine, while welcome for most, isn't always for the police. "It's all calm now, but you watch. There's bound to be few who go overboard and then it'll all kick off later."

In a completely unrelated incident (I'm presuming?) we've just had word that a group of 30 thrill seekers from Essex have set a new world record for nude golfing. I'm not sure what's more disturbing; the fact they've broken the record or the fact that there was an existing mark for the most people to play a miniture golf course in an hour in the altogether??

Unsure where this blog is going now? What I think I'm trying to say is controlled public nakedness would appear to be fine if you're raising over £3,000 for The Prostate Cancer Charity. And, don't be afraid to say hi to our friends from the Met, but be careful, they are a superstitious bunch!

PS just before I left the cafe, the officers took a call on their radios. "Spoke too soon". Presumably their sandwiches are still there?

PPS - Point of order: I checked my car on the way back to the office. I'm fine parked where I am on a Sunday and there's definitely another couple of months in those tyres!