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Commuters urged to "plan ahead" of the Games

Commuters are being urged to avoid certain stations during the Games Photo: Reuters

Full details of the disruption that will be caused by the Olympics this summer has been revealed by Transport for London on a new website

Journeys in the capital will more than double to six million on the busiest days of the Games, combined with the 3.3 million who already use the Tube every day.

London Bridge - the Achilles heel of public transport during the Games – is among six stations including Waterloo, Charlton, Greenwich, Blackheath and Stratford that will be “exceptionally busy”, according to Network Rail.

Commuters are advised to avoid these stations on event days unless they want to endure lengthy waits even to enter the station concourse.

On the tube, the Jubilee, Central and Docklands Light Railway will take the brunt of the crowds.At most stations crunch time will be between 7.30 and 9.30 am - height of the morning peak, but peak hours will run until 1am at Mile End station.

The Games runs from 27 July until 12 August and the Paralympics from 29 August until 9 September.

For some days, on the Tube map illustrated on the website, there is a deep red "exceptionally busy" warning at virtually every station within central London.

Much of the information is already known - what the website does is bring everything together with the most up to date detail.

Bank, Earl’s Court, London Bridge and Mile End are among those highlighted as being the most crowded stations.

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