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Manali Lukha. Photo: Manali Lukha

I'm sure many of you will be thinking: "After the rain we've had this weekend, how can we possibly still be talking about a drought and hosepipe bans?"

The weather has been really miserable this weekend! Very wet and windy.

Since yesterday evening, 32mm of rain has fallen in Central London alone!

There is a lot of surface water on the roads, leading to difficult driving conditions.

The Environment Agency has issued flood warnings in some parts of the country and the Met Office still have weather warnings in force.

Someone said to me this morning as I came into work: "It feels more like November than April!"

So provisional figures from the Met Office show that April 2012 has seen well above average rainfall across the UK, with 97mm of rain recorded – this is 139% of the long-term monthly average (1971-2000).

The wettest April so far was in 2000 with 120.3mm of rain (records dating back to 1910).

At the moment it looks like April 2012 is the 9th wettest on record for the UK. The full month's figures will be verified next week. But it’s not possible to say where the month will end up in the records until all the figures are in – especially as we add on this weekend's rain totals!

Unfortunately Trevor Bishop, Head of Water Resources at the Environment Agency, said: "It’s going to take more than a week or two of rain to undo the effects of nearly two years of below average rainfall.

"More rain now will really help us get through the summer, and is good for the environment, farmers and gardeners, but it’s very unlikely to be enough to recharge the groundwater."