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West Ham prepares for final at Wembley

While West Londoners focus on the Champions League this Saturday, East Londoners in West Ham can think of only one game - the play-off final at Wembley, when their whole season comesdown to one day, one game.

Ahead of the match against Blackpool, manager Sam Allardyce said, "It's about pride and status rather than money. If we get into the best league in the world that brings funding. But it's not money that's the motivation."

"It's as big as anything in my career, the stage it's on, the super atmosphere. It's a fabulous stadium from which to try and get to the promised land."

Speaking about the England squad he said he hadn't looked - he's been too busy and is totally focused at the moment.

In relation to the sacking of Kenny Dalglish he said he felt sorry for any manager who loses their job within the first four years of their reign.

"It takes a manager more than a season to get back, he's not been given time."

When asked if he was still sore about the way he left Blackpool he replied, "No. It's water under the Bridge. At the time it was devastating because I thought I might be lost to football but that was not the case... I have no axe to grind..."

He said it was true they never gave him a reason but repeated it's water under the bridge.

West Ham has beaten Blackpool twice this season. The team is desperate for a third victory, worth an estimated £90 million.

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