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Met report finds Lawrence evidence was not withheld

Stephen Lawrence was murdered in 1993 in Eltham. Photo: Lawrence family

A Metropolitan Police review has found that there is no evidence that the force withheld information about police corruption from the Lawrence Inquiry. Earlier this year, it was reported that the Met had information about police corruption which could have hindered the investigation into Stephen's death in 1993. It was also claimed that the force failed to pass that information on to the Inquiry.

However, the Met's Directorate of Professional Standards has examined its documents and records and concluded:

  • The Met handed over all its material about possible corrupt officers to the Inquiry.

  • No evidence has been uncovered showing there was corruption which could have hindered the Met's investigation into the murder.

The Met says the allegations have already been investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. The findings have been shared with Stephen Lawrence's family, the IPCC and the Home Office.

Commander Peter Spindler of the Directorate of Professional Standards, said: "We fully appreciate that Stephen's family want all their questions rightly answered. We hope this review goes at least some way to address their concerns and those that have appeared in the media. At this stage there are no new allegations or evidence that would merit further investigation, however should any new information arise relating to alleged corruption in the original investigation in to Stephen's murder it would be seriously considered."

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