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Traders call for Sunday parking charges to be scrapped

Enfield Council introduced the paring charges in January Photo: London Tonight

Shopkeepers in Enfield are calling for Sunday parking charges to be scrapped, claiming they're a threat to their trade. The Council says the charges were introduced in January to reduce congestion in the town centre and not just to raise money. But businesses say the scheme is the last thing they need in a recession. Our reporter Paul Brand has been speaking to both traders and the Council.

Businesses say the scheme is the last thing they need in a recession Credit: London Tonight

Chris Theodoulou, a hairdresser in the business for 36 years says he's never seen business so quiet. He had plans to open his salon 7 days a week but scrapped them because of the Council's parking charges.

There is a feeling in the town that this is simply a scheme to make more money. Conservative Councillor Terry Neville says it's making money from 'people who can ill afford it'.

But the Council say the scheme was introduced to deter people from leaving their cars in Enfield for a whole day. Councillor Chris Bond says it's a small fee.