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Watch "smash and grab"

Gang of six on mopeds and motorbikes made off with tens of thousands of pounds of watches Photo: Metropolitan Police

Smash and grab raiders struck at a jewellery store in Knightsbridge snatching tens of thousands of pounds worth of watches.

A gang of six suspects - on mopeds and motorbikes - targeted Arije jewellers in Sloane Street last month

They pulled up onto the curb of the busy shopping area at around eleven o'clock in the morning, wielding large sledgehammer

Photo images captured by a member of the public Credit: Metropolitan Police

They used them to smash the windows and doors while staff were inside.

Once inside, they then smashed display cases and made off with the items.No one was injured.

The gang of six were on two mopeds and two motorbikes. Credit: Metropolitan Police
Officers have released images of some of the items stolen Credit: Metropolitan Police
One of items taken Credit: Metropolitan Police