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Make the most of any sunshine you see in the next week as it will be rare sight.

At least for the rest of the weekend the sun will come out - although you could catch a shower as well. Temperatures will peak around 22C. Thickening cloud overnight will bring rain by morning (although you may just start dry in the east). The morning will remain cloud with oubreaks of rain. Through the afternoon the rain will clear from the west allowing the cloud to break and perhaps even brightening up for time. However central and eastern areas of the region will hang onto the cloud and the rain. Temperatures will struggle to 19C with a keen southerly wind. Sadly its a repeat performance on Tuesday as another batch of rain pushes across. A brighter prospect for the middle and end of the week though as rain is replaced by showers and some sunny breaks. Temperatures will recover slightly as well, with highs of around 21C. The trend remains unsettled into next weekend and even further afield.