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Faye Barker's Sunday programme blog

Faye Barker Photo: ITN

I'd be lying if I said I was writing this without one eye on the tennis, as the nation gets behind Andy Murray in this afternoon's men's final at Wimbledon. The sun (remember that?) has managed to shine down a little on Centre Court although the forecast isn't good. The summer is still eluding us and the Met Office is warning of yet more heavy rain... Manali will be joining us in the studio this evening to update us on the weather prospects for the coming weeks.

With all eyes turning to London at the end of the month, we certainly don't want the Olympics to be a washout, but the over-riding concern for the Games is security. Yet again, the issue has raised it's head today after reports that a known terror suspect entered the Olympic Park five times in one day, despite being under a Government control order restricting him from doing so. The suspect is now in custody but the incident once again raises concerns.

On a happier note, it is day 51 of the Olympic torch relay and the flame has been travelling from Cambridge to Luton. Our cameras were in Stevenage where hundreds of people lined the streets with umbrellas and union flags in their hands. It's great to see so many people turn out for the relay as it edges closer and closer to it's final destination.

We're hoping the London Games will produce plenty of world records but, in the meantime, the good folk at Legoland in Windsor have been busy with their little bricks... over half a million of them in fact... and have made the tallest ever lego tower at 32 metres and 16 centimetres. Well done to them.

Enjoy the rest of the afternoon - and the tennis, if you're watching it... hopefully my nerves will still be intact at 6:30pm for the programme!