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Olympic Torch Relay : Day 51

Olympic Torch Relay : Day 51 Photo: ITV News
Olympic Torch Relay : Day 51 Credit: LOCOG

Watch Nick Thatcher's report on Day 51 of the torch relay as it made its way through Stevenage here:

Stevenage 12.02

The Torch Relay is expected to start in Stevenage where the North Road (B197) meets Franklins Road. It carries down through the High Street veering left onto Letchmore Road and then taking another left outside park onto Sish Lane. The torch passes through King George V Park and exits through the roundabout on the other side of the park onto St George's way. The final stretch turns right at the second round about onto Six Hills Way. This leg of the relay finishes at the corner of Norton Road and Six Hills Way.

Welwyn Garden City 13.41

The Welwyn Garden City leg of the relay starts at the roundabout where Digswell Road and Knightsfield meet. IT makes its way south down Digswell before veering left around The Campus - briefly onto Bridge road and then southbound on Parkway. As the relay comes to the second roundabout it exits onto Stanborough Road, then Broadwater and finished on Chequers

Hatfield 14.24

The Hatfield relay starts just off Church lane and then onto French Horn Lane. After the roundabout it will follow Queensway into Cavendish way and then through Mosquito Way into Hertfoprdshore University before finishing on St Albans road West.

St Albans 16.07

The St Albans section starts on Hatfield Road west of the Lyon Way Industrial estate. It follows Hatfield road as it becomes Catherine Street and Folly Lane and finishes at the entrance to Oysterfields.

Hemel Hempstead 16.59

The Hemel Hempstead torchbearers are expceted to start just before 5' o' clock at the entrance to Greenacres on Leversock Green Road. It continues down to the roundabout and takes the first exit onto St Albans Road until the Plough Roundabout. It will go straight over and go right onto Moor End Road - thorugh the Meadows onto Marlowes. At the end of Marlowes it will take a right onto Queensway until the finish.

Stefanie Daniels is carrying the Flame through Stevenage Credit: LOCOG
Peter Statham is carrying the Flame through Hemel Hempstead Credit: LOCOG

Carrying the torch through St Albans

Glyn Carter

Claire Weston

Clare Strange

Farida Ussmane

Hannah Gallaher

Jo Luty

John Eastwell

Kate Thomas

Michael Swain

Rebecca Andrews

Riessen Hill

Carrying the torch through Hemel Hempstead

David Butler

Ella Beaumont

Fiona Devine

Gareth Baker

James Hull

John Barton

Katherine Deal

Lesley Birchall

Mandy Jinkerson

Mark James

Patrick Killian

Peter Statham

Ruth Bendle

Sharon de Silva

Emma Boon carrying the Flame through Welwyn Garden City Credit: LOCOG

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