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So today is St Swithin's day, St.Swithin, was the Bishop of Winchester, with a reputation as a weather saint. According to tradition if the weather is fair on St Swithin's day then it will remain fair for the next 40 days...

If thou dost rain,

For forty days it will remain;**

St. Swithun's day, if thou be fair,

For forty days 'twill rain na mair.**

Many believe the St Swithin's day folklore is just a myth. If today's weather is anything to go by (drier and brighter than yesterday with just a few isolated showers), then there could be hope for the next 40 days.

Unfortunately weather patterns for the week ahead don't quite conform to the rhyme.

We are looking at yet another week of unsettled weather, generally cloudy skies, cool and breezy with outbreaks of rain or showers.

But maybe, just maybe, the folklore can be believed, with signs of the Jetstream that has been plaguing our weather transferring north, there are now stronger indications for drier, more settled weather to affect southern parts of the UK through the latter part of July and into early August.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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