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Olympic Torch: Day 69

Olympic Torch Relay: Day 69 Photo: LOCOG

Camden 06:48

The torch relay starts on Chalk Farm Road and then goes to Camden High Street, Crowndale Road, Pancras Road, St Pancras Gardens, Camley Street. It will then go past the Camley Street Wildlife Park. It will then travel to Granary Square, Goods Way, The Boulevard and will go to St Pancras Station. After that it will go to Euston Road and eventually end up at York Way A5203.

Islington 07:56

The Flame will begin at Wharfdale Road. It will then go to New Wharf Road, All Saints Street, Caledonian Road A5203, Offord Road, Liverpool Road B515, Highbury Station Road, Upper Street A1, St John Street A401, Rosebery Avenue A401 and Farringdon Road A201.

City 08:49

The torch will start on Farringdon Road A201 and will then go to Ludgate Hill, St Paul's Churchyard and will go onto the steps of St Paul's Cathedral. It will then travel along New Change, Newgate Street A40, King Edward Street A1, Montague Street A1, London Wall.

It will then pass the entrance to the Museum of London. The torch will then go to Aldersgate Street, St Martin's Le Grand, Cheapside, King Street, Gresham Street, Guilldhall Square, Gresham Street, Prince's Street, Mansion House Street, Queen Victoria Street, Peter's Hill and Millennium Bridge.

Southwark 10:06

The Flame will start on the walkway on Bankside on the south side of the Millennium Bridge. It will then go onto the steps of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. It will then pass along Bankside, New Globe Walk, Park Street, Great Guildford Street, Southwark Street A3200, Southwark Bridge Road A300, Marshalsea Street A3201, Great Dover Street A2, Old Kent Road A2, Trafalgar Avenue B215, Sumner Road B215, Peckham Hill Street B215, Peckham High Street A202, Peckham Road A202, Lyndhurst Way, Harris Academy at Peckham, Lyndhurst Way and Camberwell Church Street A202.

Lambeth 12:09

The Flame will start off on Denmark Hill A215 and will then go to Coldharbour Lane A2217, Acre Lane A2217, Clapham Park Road A2217, Clapham High Street A3, Long Road A3, Clapham Common Northside A3 and Cedars Road A3216.

Wandsworth 12:55

The torch will start on Cedars Road A3216 and will then go to Queenstown Road A3216 and then Chelsea Bridge.

Kensington & Chelsea 13:20

The torch relay will begin on Chelsea Bridge Road A3216 and will then go along Sloane Street A3216, King's Road A3217, Gunter Grove A3220 and Fulham Road A304.

Hammersmith & Fulham 13:53

The torch will start off from Fulham Road A304 and will then go to Fulham Broadway A304, North End Road B317 and Hammersmith Road A315.

Kensington & Chelsea 14:23

The Flame will start on Kensington High Street A315 and will then be carried to the Holland Park tarmac path through the park, the park pathway, the opera stage, Abbotsbury Road, Holland Park and Holland Park Avenue A402.

Hammersmith & Fulham 15:06

The Flame will then return to Hammersmith & Fulham and from Shepherd's Bush Green A4020 it will go to Wood Lane A219, South Africa Road, the BBC White City Grounds, South Africa Road, Bloemfontein Road and Uxbridge Road A4020.

Kensington & Chelsea 16:09

The torch will then come back to Kensington & Chelsea. From Holland Park Avenue A402 it will go to Notting Hill Gate A402.

Westminster 16:33

The first stop is Notting Hill Gate A402. Then the torch will go to Bayswater Road A402, Lancaster Terrace A209, Westbourne Street, Bayswater Road A402, Bayswater Road A40, Oxford Street A40, Regent Street A4201, Shaftesbury Avenue A401, Charing Cross Road A400, St Martin's Place A400, Trafalgar Square, Whitehall A3212, Downing Street, Whitehall A3212, Parliament Square (St Margaret Street A302), Great George Street A3214, Birdcage Walk, Buckingham Gate, Buckingham Palace, Spur Road, Constitution Hill, Wellington Arch R/A, Knightsbridge A4, South Carriage Drive and Serpentine Drive.

Olympic Torch Relay: Day 69 Credit: LOCOG

Carrying the torch through Camden

Charlie Sale

Michele Griffiths

Fernando Goldberg

Clive Woodward

Danny Mccubbin

Ellie Moss

Luke Corduner

Paris Walker

Sean Elkins

Darren Fitzpatrick

Katharine Ford

Patrick De Maeseneire

Clive Woodward is carrying the Flame through Camden. Credit: LOCOG

Carrying the torch through Islington

Roger Madelin

Gordon Mcdonald

Phil Packer

Kim Pham

Harry Urquhart-Briggs

Joe Girma

John Wagner

Laura Arowolo

Leanne Pero

Michele Nicole Hyron

Rachel Rahman

Rhyania Blackett-Codrington

Rob Gorczynski

Roddy Llewellyn

Rufus Hack

Gilles Goasdoue

Alan Naftalin

Ian Mcfadzean

Matt Lyon

Gordon Mcdonald is carrying the Flame through Islington. Credit: LOCOG

Carrying the torch through the City

Johnny Elbrow

Robert Swannell

Alyson Fitzgerald

David Shaw

Kevin Craig

Maurizio Caruso

Peter Mchugh De Clare

Patrick Kane

Steve Chalke

Richard Carrion

Don Guiney

Esa-Pekka Salonen

Mandy Ogunmokun

Carrying the torch through Southwark

Sharon Coleman

Tim Denyer

Shriya Popat

Colin Hart

Sheriff Jalloh

Frank Fredericks

Shineze Henry-Wallace

Ify Egesi

Lisa Woodman

Rachael Sillars

Keith Partridge


Adam Grodecki

Dom Goggins

Richard Reynolds

Southwark Torch Relay Route: Day 69. Credit: LOCOG

Carrying the torch through Lambeth

Rene Fasel

Sarah Springman

Paul Owens

Laura Tollerton

Cameron Fraser

Andrew Pawlby

Abdulla Algurg

Avi Robinson

Briony Sloper

Caroline Hopkins

Dorothee Mariotte

Richard Fullbrook

Zoe Jones

Denis Oswald

Abbie Morris

Carrying the torch through Wandsworth

Elaine Mcknight

Maddalena Cannarsa

Tracy Russell

Jackie Brown

Carrying the torch through Kensington & Chelsea

Jian Liu

Racquel Robinson

Richard Blake

Mr A Akay

Ophelia English

John Lake

Jim Anderson

Hanna Johansson

Georgie Moseley

Arjun Fasge

Tom Aikens

Sophie Hirsch

Ser Miang Ng

Thomas Bach

Aditya Mittal

Anna Collier

Bob Mayo

Mary Payne

Tabitha-skye Mcduffus

Bob Groves

Kensington & Chelsea Torch Relay Route Part 1: Day 69. Credit: LOCOG

Carrying the torch through Hammersmith & Fulham

Mario Pescante

Sophie Papps

Sureena Sharma

Maurizio Stroppiana

Mary Mangan

Lydia Mantle

Emily Gibbs

Eileen Hobson

Bridget Stevenson

Antoine De Navacelle

Penny Midgley

Ollie Boylan

Zaiqing Yu

Chris Basiurski

Michael De Giorgio

Felix Allocca

George Fielding

Samantha Timms

Catherine Nicoll

Dan Cooper

Hammersmith & Fulham Torch Relay Route Part 1: Day 69. Credit: LOCOG

Carrying the torch through Westminster

Amber Charles

Umesh Valjee

Tony Page

Sam Jafar

Rachel Griffiths

Permie Dadhiala

Lois Roche

Lina Christopoulou

Freya Cooper

Elijah Ajayi

Chris Janzen

Charlotte Fone

Carl Halksworth

Tyler Rix

Cara Dartnell-Steinberg

Dominick Felix

Emma Harley

Florence Rowe

James Atherton

Josephine Cumbo

Laura Rennis

Martin Hughes

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