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Monday commuters warned of road changes

Commuters will be affected by Olympic road changes from Monday. Photo: John Stillwell/PA Wire

London's roads will "look and feel different" from Monday as work on Olympic-only traffic lanes nears completion. Work taking place over the weekend includes the erection of three temporary pedestrian footbridges at Hyde Park Corner and installation of barriers in Central London.

The works will progressively change London's road network so that, by Monday morning, London's road network will look and feel different.

– Leon Daniels, Transport for London

The official Games Lanes, which can only be used by authorised Olympic vehicles, become active on Wednesday. However, motorists using the roads on Monday have been warned there will be changes.

Drivers who illegally use the Lanes or stop along the route face a penalty charge of £130, while illegally parked vehicles will be impounded and could incur a release fee of £200. TfL have advised road users to avoid driving in central London, around the Olympic Route Network and Games venues, and to consult the official Games transport website.

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