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Faye Barker Photo: ITN

The Olympic momentum is really gathering pace now in the capital as the torch relay takes its first run through the streets of London this weekend. You've no doubt heard the phrase "6 days to go" several times today but, yes, we're finally on the last push in this countdown to next Friday's opening ceremony.

This morning the torch began in Greenwich and is making its way through Newham, Tower Hamlets and Hackney before arriving in Waltham Forest this evening. Our teams have been following its progress and catching up with the hoards of folks who have lined the streets for this once in a lifetime (probably!) experience.

Altogether 8000 people across the country are torchbearers, but one of those who wasn't able to take part today was Dennis St. Croix. He died of cancer last month before he was able to complete his leg of the relay. So instead, the torch was handed to his 13 year old daughter Yasmine. We met with her and her Mum to have a chat about the poignancy of today's event - an immensely proud but ultimately sad moment.

Our programme tonight is on after ITV1's Tour de France coverage and we are still keeping a very close eye on London cyclist Bradley Wiggins. Barring a disaster, he should become the first Brit to win the event when it finishes in Paris tomorrow. It makes me nervous writing that because, how often in this country do we have a sports person or team getting close to a winning goal, to then fall at the last hurdle? We don't get called cynical journalists for nothing, eh! I think his victory is as near to a dead certainty as we dare report...

Anyway, hope to see you just before 5pm.