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Robin's Tuesday weather blog

Robin McCallum Photo: ITV News

I wasn't hugely impressed with the weather earlier. I gather that some areas were treated to glimmers of sun but in my neck of the woods it was dull and it certainly didn't feel like an August morning.

Looking at the charts this turns out to be a dress rehearsal for tomorrow morning which will not only be dull but also dank (great word). After a muggy night of patchy rain and the odd spot of mist we'll be left with a legacy of grey and damp conditions first thing before there are signs of improvement later. There's even the prospect of some sunny spells although we'll have the ongoing risk of a light shower or two.

In fact, that's pretty much what's going on later today with the added joy of plenty of cloud. Fortunately the signs are still good for better, sunnier weather in the second half of the week. Thank heavens for small mercies.