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Manali Lukha. Photo: Manali Lukha.

You can dust down the BBQ once more - this weekend is turning into a sizzler, with temperatures expected to reach 29-30C across the capital.

Now there's always compromises in life and the same applies to the weather.

Bring on very warm and humid air, and in exchange you get the build up of thundery activity.

So we can't promise a completely dry weekend, but on balance I think it's a decent outlook.

The other compromises are warm nights and high pollen counts.

Last night again was muggy and warm. Fresher nights should return by next week as we will gradually lose this humidity.

It is being reported that 2012 has seen the longest pollen season.

With the changeable weather over the past few months, this comes as no surprise.

We are now out of the grass pollen season, which tends to have the greatest impact on hay fever sufferers, and have moved into the weed pollen season.


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