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London Tonight Weather Presenter Robin McCallum. Photo: London Tonight.

This morning's weather typified the term "slow start".

The grey skies and drizzle that greeted the day gave no promise of the balmy conditions heading our way later.

The only hint that things are set to improve came in the form of the temperature. Despite the cloud and the damp it was mild - and this afternoon the mild will become not only warm but also muggy.

I've come to realise after a summer which can, so far, be best described as patchy that temperature plays second fiddle to sun because we are able to exercise a little control over what the mercury is doing by dressing appropriately. Sunshine is a different matter, however, as its appearance is down to the weather Gods and it is the one element we all crave.

An hour or two of bright sun can make even a bitterly cold January day a total pleasure. It wouldn't go amiss over an August weekend either and it looks as though we're going to be in luck. Plenty of sun and feeling hot too.