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Londoner killed in nightclub fire in Thailand

Michael Tzouvanni was killed when the fire broke out at the Tiger Discotheque Photo: PA

A Londoner has been confirmed as one of four people who was killed when a fire swept through a nightclub in Thailand.

Michael Pio Tzouvanni, who was 24, was caught up in the blaze at the Tiger Discotheque on the island of Phuket in the early hours of Friday morning.

He had been with two friends but split up from them just before the fire broke out.

Three other people, believed to be two Thai women and a French man, also died, while at least 11 people were injured.

Police in Thailand said Mr Tzouvanni died from smoke inhalation.

A spokeswoman for the family said they were too upset to talk today.

As his family awaited news, his brother, Joseph, 26, flew out to Phuket to appeal for help in tracing him.

He told English-language newspaper the Phuket Gazette that his construction developer brother had been on the island for 10 days and had extended his stay by another four as he was enjoying himself so much. He had been to the island many times before, he added.

Last night hundreds of tourists and local Thai residents gathered to mourn the victims.

Local business owners carried a sign reading: "We would like to extend our deepest condolences to (those) who have lost their loved ones in this saddened time."

Tourists, mingling with local residents, held candles and laid flowers outside the scene of the fire.

German tourist Bernd Webber said the fire was no surprise and said he thought the government should pass stricter laws to prevent future catastrophes.