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Questions asked about fire engine sell-off

The fire engines are now owned by AB and A Investments. Photo: Max Nash/PA Wire

A member of the London Assembly has written to the leader of the London Fire Authority asking why the London Fire Brigade's fleet of emergency vehicles has been sold to a private equity firm for just £2.

The fleet was owned by another firm Assetco which has been in financial difficulties for some time. Last week, it announced that it had sold the fleet to another company AB and A Investments.

However, Labour London Assembly Member Andrew Dismore has written to the London Fire Authority's chair, James Cleverley, asking why the sell-off was allowed without informing the authority. He is also concerned that AB and A Investments was only set up in July and is yet to file any accounts.

The takeover was done without notice to the Fire Authority, as though it was just a simple trading company selling baked beans, not the major emergency service which it is...

– Andrew Dismore, London Assembly Member

Mr Dismore has complained that AB and A is a private limited company and there is a risk that it may decide to sell off the fire vehicles. The company is based in Northamptonshire and has only one director.