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Manali Lukha Photo: ITV

It was a beautiful start this morning, a little freshfirst thing, but the sun was shining. After yesterday's deluge, today's weather is looking morepromising.

So we had over an inch of rain across parts of Londonyesterday. 31.6mm fell at our observation station at Kew Gardens(18mm of that fell in just one hour!). The rain, hail and thunder was pretty intense for a time. There was a lot of localised flooding reported.

Friends of mine returned home to find rain water seepinginto their kitchen.

A few showers are likely across parts of the Midlands andnorthwest England through today, but across the capital a good deal of fineweather with lighter winds and some sunshine. Temperatures up to 20/21degC inthe south east.

The start of next week is likely to stay quitechangeable. For Bank Holiday Monday heavy rain and strong winds willspread from the west. However it looks like it will stay mostly dry for a largepart of the day in the South East, with rain not arriving until later in theevening.

Whilst Tuesday is looking quite breezy it should be a dryand bright day for most. Further wet and windy weather is expected on Wednesday. The final leg of the Paralympics torch relay will be onWednesday, so some wet weather to watch out for.

Weather charts for the later part of the week show somesigns of improvement. With early indications of high pressure dominating the UKby the weekend giving much more settled and warm weather.

At this stage, we are hopeful the opening ceremony forthe Paralympics will stay dry.

If you have been reading my blog over the past few days,then like many I have been following tropical storm Isaac. Isaac is currently centred NW of Haiti with bands ofthunderstorms circulating around the storm. Wind speeds have been recorded at 58 knots, just belowhurricane strength (change-over is at 64 knots).

Its track is expected to take it across the northerncoast of Cuba during today, then across the Florida Keys on Monday where it isexpected to reach Hurricane Category 1 strength, with a risk of Category 2 byTuesday.

Category 2 hurricanes can certainly cause damage, stormsurges, heavy rainfall and flooding is vey possible at this stage.