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Robin's weather blog

Robin McCallum. Photo: London Tonight

As far as today's weather charts go it's a case of spot the difference from yesterday. The only variation could be the temperatures which are on the up, but other than that things remain settled and unchanging thanks to high pressure over the south of the country.

Although we're being treated to unseasonally warm days, the nights are chilly. The absence of a layer of insulating cloud means that during the hours of darkness the warmth that builds up during the day disappears pretty sharply. Of late there's been a broad 'diurnal range' which is a pompous way of saying that the contrast between daytime highs and nightime lows is pretty large, almost 20C in fact where temperatures have fallen into single figures overnight and risen to the upper twenties by day.

This will continue over the next 48 hours before things turn more changeable early next week, so until that happens my guess is that there'll be a number of barbecues seeing some action over the weekend.

Bon appetit.