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London Tonight Weather Presenter Robin McCallum. Photo: London Tonight.

A textbook autumn day today.

A chilly start with the morning sun quickly burning off low lying mist, ultimately paving the way for broken cloud and sunny spells this afternoon. Winds will be light and temperatures will be bang on the seasonal average. Perfect.

I read an article claiming that if we can hold on to dry, sunny conditions and cool nights then the stage will be set for a spectacular display of autumn colour as the leaves begin to turn yellow, red and gold. Here's hoping.

It looks as though the weather will be co-operating for the next few days, which I'm delighted about. Not just because of the leaf factor but also because I'm optimistic that the sun will help ripen the blackberries which are currently clogging the hedgerows in my part of the world and I can set to work gathering nature's bounty whilst lacerating my extremities.

Mushrooms next. An altogether less hazardous harvest.