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Fundraisers camp out for new iPhone

Kent pals Ryan Williams, 22, and Peter King, 19, are hoping to raise thousands of pounds for Cancer Research UK Photo: John Stillwell/PA Wire

Two hardcore charity fundraisers will not be pipped in their bid to be the first owners of the new Apple iPhone 5 after camping out for a week.

Kent pals Ryan Williams, 22, and Peter King, 19, are hoping to raise thousands of pounds for Cancer Research UK by auctioning a much-coveted phone to those not wanting to join the massive queue.

Record sales of the new smartphone are expected and the pair are at the front of the queue outside the Apple store in Covent Garden, London.

The duo are hoping there will be so much interest in their campaign that they will be able to buy and sell four new iPhone handsets (the maximum allowed per person) which cost more than £500.

The friends, who are also accepting donations on their JustGiving page, arrived at the store at 6pm on Friday without so much as a tent, sleeping on mats, and have been taking it in turns to leave their treasured spot.

Passers-by have been touched by their charity bid offering their support - one man even bought them £130 worth of camping gear.

"We're on our own at the moment, the shop manager said it will be a few days before other people start to queue," said Mr Williams, who is from Swanley and runs an IT company.

"We've had some strange looks from some people but also a lot of support from others and people on Twitter."

The men decided to raise money for the charity after a friend was diagnosed with bowel cancer and Mr King's mother, Sue, died from cancer three years ago.

The auction runs until 30 minutes before the phone goes on sale on Friday morning.

Lynn Daly, Cancer Research UK spokeswoman, said: "Our supporters find many weird and wonderful ways to raise money for us, often motivated, like Ryan, by someone close to them dealing with cancer.

"It will no doubt be a long, lonely wait in all weathers for Ryan to get his phone so we salute him for his ingenuity and determination.

"However much he raises, it will be a welcome contribution to our work to prevent, diagnose and treat all types of cancer.

"And I'm sure it will be a great boost to his friend to know he is doing his bit to help him fight this disease."

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