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Met Police Federation calls for MP to quit

John Tully says Andrew Mitchell's behaviour is "unacceptable" Photo: London Tonight

The Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, John Tully, has called for the resignation of MP Andrew Mitchell.

Mr Mitchell has been accused of calling the police "plebs" after one of them stopped him using the main gate at Downing Street, a word he denies saying.

Andrew Mitchell later apologised for his outburst. John Tully says morale at the Met is low, and if one of his staff had behaved the way Andrew Mitchell did, he would have been fired.

"Police morale is absolutely through the floor. Pay and conditions, pensions, no days off for a year since the riots last year. Certainly with the Met, officers are exhausted and then you get some idiot who comes and says something like that. It's unacceptable."

– John Tully, Metropolitan Police Federation