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Weather blog: is it time to turn on the central heating?

Many of us have had fairold soaking over the last few hours.

Yesterday afternoon it became not only wet but also cold so we decided to give the central heating a go in our new house. It's a quirky old system with a mind of its own and which we were not confident would be very effective, but it ultimately managed to belt out some impressive heat. This happened, peversely,just as the temperatures outside started to rise thanks to mild air from the Southwest being dragged in by the low pressure that had produced the rain. Before long we were gasping.

Having got into its stride the heating worked its magic this morning regardless of the fact that it was still mild. My guess is that, by the time the rain has cleared and the temperatures have dropped and the winds picked up this afternoon, the heating will go off.

Tomorrow will be chilly and at first it will be bright before becoming unsettled with blustery showers later. Quite whether the heating will be help or hindrance remains to be seen.