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Legoland closes for annual autumn clean up

LEGOLAND Autumn clean up. Photo: LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

The park at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort has closed down for its annual two-day clean up after the summer holidays, in order to get everything spick and span for the Halloween season.

Kate Bunkall went along to Legoland in Windsor to meet the people who are dusting, polishing and fixing each model, while the park is closed to visitors.

Her report includes an interview with one of the two members of the clean-up team.

The model making team patrolled the park on September 25th making repairs and sprucing up a vast array of models – from the very tiny to the extremely large.

Most urgent on the clean-up list was a brick-by-brick scrub for the 3m long, 6m tall smoke breathing Dragon perched in a tower, 3.5metres above ground in the giant clock tower outside the LEGOLAND Hotel.

LEGOLAND Autumn clean up. Credit: LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

Both this and the giant 6m high pharaoh in Kingdom of the Pharaohs, made of 200,000 bricks, required special access so the model makers could make sure each brick was clean.

On the smaller side were the miniature cars in the resort’s driving school which were valeted by hand, and each of the characters in the 6,000 strong LEGO minifigure wall in the hotel's reception received an individual spruce up.

The levitating Millennium Falcon, in the LEGO(R) STAR WARS(TM) Miniland experience was next in line, followed by famous miniland landmarks like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge. The Miniland Royal Family also got a dusting down.

LEGOLAND Autumn clean up. Credit: LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

There are thousands of models made from over 80 million LEGO bricks across the whole of the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort requiring daily care and attention from the five strong model team based at a special studio in the heart of the park.

The resort re-opens on 27th September to prepare for an autumn with Halloween Brick or Treat and Monster Fighter Fireworks running in October and November.