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Middlesex dog crowned UK’s pet slimming champ

Jack before his transformation Photo: PDSA

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from Stanmore has been crowned the UK's pet slimming champ for 2012 after shedding nearly one third of his body weight.

Jack was nicknamed 'Jumbo Jack' by his owner, Rose Welch, when she adopted him in January this year. After entering him in the PDSA Pet Fit Club, he has slimmed down from 20.5kg to 14.1kg, trimming 20cm off his waist.

Jack is now a third lighter Credit: PDSA

Jack had been overfed and hardly exercised prior to being adopted by Rose. His obesity had caused him to become deaf, as the extra fat blocked his ear canals. He struggled to walk more than a few steps, couldn’t play, and couldn’t even bark.

“When Jack first came to us he was morbidly obese and could barely walk. We didn’t think he was going to survive. I couldn’t bear to see him in such a sad state so took him to the vet to ask about a diet and fitness plan. Today, he is a completely different dog and we call him Jumping Jack now, as he’s so much happier and energetic, and he jumps every time he barks.”

– Rose Welch, Jack's owner