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Gun suppliers jailed after police operation

Police seized a haul of guns included a sawn-off gun and a semi-automatic. Photo: Metropolitan Police

Three men have been jailed for a total of 33 years after a special police operation targeted the suppliers of illegal firearms in South London.

Officers spent six months gathering intelligence on the trio before they were arrested in October last year.

Christopher McKenzie, Carlos Moncrieffe and Hume Bent were jailed yesterday. Credit: Metropolitan Police

47 year-old Carlos Moncrieffe and 26 year-old Christopher McKenzie both pleaded guilty to the charges against them. Moncrieffe was sentenced for four years for conspiracy to supply ammunition and intending to supply cannabis. McKenzie was jailed for 12 years after admitting conspiring to supply guns and ammunition.

The third man, 47 year-old Hume Bent, pleaded not guilty and was put on trial at Croydon Crown Court. He was found guilty in July this year and was jailed for 12 years on firearm charges.

This was a significantly challenging operation targeting those involved at the very top of the supply network who had ready access to lethal firearms.

– Detective Chief Inspector Steve Wagstaff

Detective Chief Inspector Steve Wagstaff said the operation had been challenging: "The professionalism and courage of the officers involved and the risk managed and removed by the team led by Detective Inspector Colin Douglas cannot be overstated. These are dangerous men dealing in firearms and the skill of the teams deployed and at court was exceptional."