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Matt Teale. Photo: ITV

There have been some slight changes to the way we do things in the studio here at ITV Towers. After a slight re-jig, the door into the studio has been moved, a change I wasn't aware of before heading down to read today's early morning national news. There followed thirty seconds of blind panic as I lived out a recurring nightmare about missing a bulletin because I can't find the studio.

Now that I do know the way into the studio, I can confidently predict our lead story to be the campaign to keep open a number of A&E units across west London with the GMB union staging a protest march earlier. The NHS is currently consulting on the plans while the union claims they'll dramatically change health services for 700,000 people.

On the lighter side, we have the story of Justin Barrett who was singled out at Stansted Airport security after a luggage check suggested there might have been something untoward. The suspicious package turned out to be nothing more dangerous than a chocolate caterpillar cake being transported to Spain for his son's ninth birthday party.

Elsewhere, @tobysadler has spent a thoroughly enjoyable 3 hours on the M25 on his way to and from the opening of the new Cobham services. Like many commuters, I spend most of my working life travelling up and down the UK's motorways and can boast mind-numblingly detailed knowledge of numerous service stations (Newport Pagnell is my favourite). Suffice to say Toby doesn't share my excitement at having a new one to try out. He didn't even bring back any 3 for £1 sweets for the office?!

We'll also have a full run down of the football results with QPR at West Brom, Reading at Swansea and Chelsea hosting Norwich in the Premier League. Hey, the new Cobham services might be on the way home for some of Chelsea's players. You might see Fernando Torres buying some cheap flowers or Frank Lampard picking up a travel mug if you head down there later?

See you at 1735 (if I can find my way in to the studio again)